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By Kev, Mar 6 2017 05:23PM

With the first of this year’s conventions, Showmasters Film and Comic Con coming up this weekend in Titanic Centre, Belfast I had an irresistible urge. Now let’s be clear, I didn’t have the time to spare to follow through on this but that has never been a good enough excuse not to do something so, full of the joys and confidence of having come up with “a brilliant idea” I picked out a nice canvas, chose my colours and started a painting that combined everything I had been doing up to this point.

By Kev, Aug 2 2016 04:15PM

I’ve recently been out and about on the hunt for dirty walls again, potential “canvasses” for my barn murals. As some of you may know, I trudge through fields and farms, dragging my powerhose behind me with grand ideas in my head and the hope I can find the right wall to bring them to life. I sometimes think when I’m long gone I’ll haunt these hills, still searching for that perfect wall. People will hear a strange wailing sound and they’ll say, “Kevin’s out tonight, I can hear the squeaky wheel on his powerhose.” Then they’ll close the curtains and stay inside and think no more of it.

By Kev, Jul 6 2016 11:23AM

"See you in the next cartoon,." That's what a friend of mine said as he was about to go and live in Australia several years ago and I've always thought that's a whole lot better than goodbye. It's popped into my mind again these last few weeks as my wife, Jo and myself have taken our first tentative steps into the world of comic cons. We'd been thinking for a while it could be a good way to get my illustrative work out there and actually get talking face to face to other Hallowe'en lovers like ourselves. At the very least, it would be fun, right?

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